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Start WHERE you are. Use what you HAVE. Do what you CAN.

The Association for Civil Activism FORUM 16 was established in 2013 to help the citizens of Macedonia to develop better lives through new initiatives that promote active citizenship and opportunities for engagement in civil society. Our mission is to help citizens of Macedonia in the realization of their own ideas in the fields of culture, art, economy, education and social responsibility, and to motivate citizen involvement in ongoing programs, projects and actions. Our objectives are: 1. To encourage and support youth activism in the field of culture, economic development, local affairs, sports and education; 2. To promote and support civic initiatives which encourage social progress, European values and international cooperation; 3. To encourage and support entrepreneurial spirit and strengthening of the ecosystem in Macedonia for formation of businesses, civil society organizations and social enterprises; and 4. To encourage and support volunteerism and non-formal education. We seek strong partnerships, and welcome opportunities to share our organizational skills, resources and support with others committed to community service.


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Natasha Chavdarovska

Founder and President
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Ivana Ivanovska

Co-founder and Managing Board Member
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Vladimir Ristevski

Vice president
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Bojana Popovska

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Marija Kostovska

Managing Board Member
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Tomislav Naumovski

Managing Board Member


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