(ST)ART Where You Are


Association for Civil Activism FORUM 16 believes creative expression is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. The (St)art Where You Are program embraces all FORUM 16 activities related to the arts, which seek to promote active citizenship and activism in support of improved community life. These range from the use of art to teach children positive messages about human rights to larger scale activities involving students and adult supporters. FORUM 16 activities in this area seek to bring artistic expression into ordinary community settings such as the public transport system, and the replacement of unauthorized graffiti with artistic works that carry a positive message. Projects supported or under development by FORUM 16 include:

  • Organized (legally permitted) Street Art and Graffiti – Street art projects have been implemented in Bitola’s Gradski Park (adjacent to the city’s handball stadium), the elementary school “Kole Kaninski” and at Pelagonka on Prilepska street. Future project ideas include street art to promote human rights themes and creation of a social enterprise that will engage youth to remove or cover unauthorized graffiti on private buildings and public spaces.
  • Poetry on the Move: Bringing the art of words to public transportation – FORUM 16 wishes to bring to Bitola the practice of displaying works of poetry in the public transportation system. This would involve an annual open call and competition for short works of poetry on a particular theme, with selected entries reproduced for display on buses and in bus stop shelters.
  • KinoBit – FORUM 16 is working to develop Macedonia’s first Kino cell, a group dedicated to the promotion of short films created through an annual Kino Kabaret, in which participants gather to jointly produce original “short movies in a short period of tme.” We have raised resources through a crowdfunding project to begin these activities in 2018. With additional support, FORUM 16 hopes to implement a Kino Karavan to bring screenings of short films to communities throughout the country as a way of informing the public and inspiring young people to explore filmmaking as a strategy for advocacy in public policy making.
  • We Are Vusual – FORUM 16 in the activities under the (ST)ART program is using “We Are Visual Human Rights Audiovisual Toolkit” prepared by MakeDox. This toolkit is a teaching manual for the formal and non-formal educators and its aim is to promote human rights education by using documentary film.