Anti-rumour Activities – New Location Arranged

From 12-14 November 2021, for the fourth time, FORUM 16 implemented the Anti-rumour Campaign “Glasno Sokache-Budno Chikmache”.

The aim of the Campaign is to dispel the negative rumors and narratives about the young people in Bitola that they “just drink coffee on Shirok Sokak” and “do nothing”.

This time to show that this is not the case, we arranged the space around the building between the streets “4th of November” and “Dimitar Ilievski-Murato”. We also painted graffiti on the building in collaboration with Dragan from Hybrid Minds. We are grateful to the company that maintains the building “RS Bobby 99” and to the building’s house council for the permission to be able to work on part of the space under their jurisdiction, and we are grateful for the support during the work action from numerous citizens.

The Campaign “Glasno Sokache-Budno Chikmache” promotes care for the community by renovating and arranging ignored or neglected locations in Bitola. At the same time, the Campaign promotes intergenerational dialogue and cooperation through joint work of young people and adults, and also one of the goals of the Campaign is to promote volunteer engagement.

For that, FORUM 16 in 2019 received the award “Organizer of volunteer work” from the Local Council for Volunteering. This year, a total of 10 people were involved in the activities. But FORUM 16 is already considering models for this Campaign to include more volunteers in the coming years and to cover more locations, certainly in cooperation with public enterprises.

This year the Anti-rumour Campaign was conducted with contribution by FORUM 16 and Hybrid Minds. The Anti-rumour Campaign “Glasno Sokache – Budno Chimache” is part of the (ST) ART program of FORUM 16 which promotes human rights in a creative way.