Poems in the Buses for Public Transport through Bitola

The Association for Civil Activism FORUM 16 – Bitola and the Student Assembly of the University “St. Kliment Ohridski” Bitola set poems in all the buses for public transport in the municipality of Bitola. This was one activity as part of the project “Poetry on the move through Bitola”.

In the buses of Transkop, Gopesh trans, Luka transport, Dzem turs and Boby turs, there are 17 poems written by UKLO students and supporters of FORUM 16 and USS UKLO. The project aims to promote public transport usage and influence the improvement of the environment in the municipality of Bitola through poetry as a tool.

“These poems are one way to motivate young people to express their opinion and position on Bitola, the environment, the urban space and other topics of interest to them, but also to motivate them to use public transport and to contribute to a healthy living environment. At the same time, we wanted to improve the time for all those who use public transport, especially in years that are quite challenging and worrying due to the pandemic of COVID 19-virus. Therefore, we are especially grateful to all bus companies who, when we announced the idea to them, immediately provided support and agreed to put poems on the buses,” said representatives of FORUM 16 and USS UKLO.

About this activity of the project “Poetry on the move through Bitola” reported:

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