The FORUM 16 team is available to assist individuals and informal groups who want to explore a community need or problem or to develop an organized response to addressing community needs. We are also available to support the training and development needs of small and large businesses.We provide consultation on problem definition, organizational systems and decision making, advocacy, public relations, and project development. We offer our knowledge of local government, public media, civil society organizations and other resources to assist others who want to build a better community. This can be provided through a single exploration and brainstorming session, or through a longer-term collaboration that provides informal support for activists and innovators as they work to improve a significant social or economic condition.

Project Development

The FORUM 16 team is experienced in developing and managing projects from initial concept through to successful implementation. We can provide support or direct management of the full range of tasks included in the project development cycle including needs assessment, desk and field research, concept development, proposal writing, financial management, monitoring and evaluation and report writing. These services can be engaged through partnerships, direct management or fee-based consultation.

Organizational Development

The FORUM 16 team is experienced in assessing organizational strengths and structure, planning for strategic positioning, organization design, staffing and financing. Services may be provided through fee-based consultation for existing organizations or through mentoring partnerships in which FORUM 16 assists new grassroots projects or associations through direct management in the early stages of development.

Non-formal Education

FORUM 16 is able to provide a range of education and training services, including workshops, training seminars and facilitation of meetings designed to enhance personal skills and expand opportunities for individuals and groups. The FORUM 16 team specializes in training for Soft Skills Development, Public Relations and Communications, Youth Development, Public Policy and Advocacy, Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprises, Family Business Succession Planning, Project Development and Organizational Development.

Business Partnerships

FORUM 16 is actively seeking partnerships with businesses that are interested in contributing to the community in a variety of ways. FORUM 16 services are available to the business sector on a fee-for service basis, as well as in exchange for sponsorships or partnerships in the implementation of community service activities. For example, consultation or staff training services provided by FORUM 16 can be exchanged for in-kind contributions to FORUM 16 projects or compensated through jointly-developed opportunities for corporate social responsibility. In all of its service activities, FORUM 16 follows the Code of Ethics of the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations.