We Are Visual by FORUM 16 at the American Corner Bitola

As part of its (ST)ART Program, which promotes human rights through arts, FORUM 16 has begun to use the “WeAreVisual Human Rights Audiovisual Toolkit” prepared by MakeDox. This toolkit is a teaching manual for the formal and non-formal educators of youths aged 12-18, and its aim is to promote human rights education by using documentary[…]

FORUM 16 trained for implementation of “We Are Visual”

Representatives of FORUM 16 participated at the training “We are Visual” organized by MakeDox aiming to promote human rights education by using documentary film. The Association for Civil Activism FORUM 16 – Bitola will start with implementation of the program during the project “Who If Not You(th) Academy” in January 2017. FORUM 16 will use[…]