Successful end of our crowdfunding campaign

We are excited to announce that, at long last, has worked out problems with the processing of some donations, and we are ready to officially close our crowdfunding Campaign. Huge THANK YOUs to all of our supporters, especially to those who were also donors in this effort. With all gifts counted, our campaign surpassed $1,500 in contributions, a fantastic show of support for Macedonia’s creative young activists. Your gifts have DRAMATICALLY increased our ability to leverage the remaining support we need to kick off our KinoBit program with a loud bang.

What happens next? As soon as the campaign is officially closed, we will arrange for the the funds to be transferred to FORUM 16’s account. First, we have a few Thank You gifts to send out. We expect to get this done before the end of September. As planned, the remaining funds will be used to purchase equipment for our first (KinoBit) kino kaberet. We will delay the equipment purchases until we have secured enough funds from other sources to assure a successful kaberet program, which we expect will take place early next year.

Meanwhile, we’ll do our best to keep everyone informed on our progress, and look forward to sharing our successes in the months ahead.

With much love and gratitude,

The FORUM 16 Team