New campaign “365 workers’ rights for youth!”

Are you aware of your own labor rights?

At the beginning of 2018, the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA through the Youth Information and Advisory Centers INFO SEGA from Prilep and Kavadarci, in cooperation with and the Agency for Youth and Sport, officially started the National campaign “365 workers’ rights for youth”.

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness among young people about their labor rights.

During the year, numerous info days, educational workshops and public discussions will be organized at local level. These events, along with others, will reach a large number of students, young workers, employers, decision makers (at local and national level) and non-governmental organizations in order to raise awareness of guaranteed of rights of workers. The activities of the campaign will also promote increased awareness of the importance of informing the general public in the Republic of Macedonia about labor rights. For example, through an on-line campaign throughout the year, each day information will be published daily about a single right under the labor law.

Some of these activities will be organized through local campaign partners, including FORUM 16.

The campaign “365 Labor Rights of Youth” is supported by the Program for Decentralized Cooperation between the Region of Normandy and Macedonia, the Agency for Youth and Sports of the Republic of Macedonia and the State Labor Inspectorate.