FORUM16 Marked The Human Right Day

To mark December 10, the International Human Rights Day, FORUM 16 awarded certificates for participation in two program activities that promote human rights in a creative and innovative way. Those are the activities: Kino Kabaret Bitola 2018 and the campaign “Loud sokache – Awake chikmache”.

Kino Kabaret Bitola 2018 was held during two consecutive weekends in October 2018 and it was intended to train participants on human rights, civic participation and how to make a movie. Then, in a short time (maximum 72 hours), the participants produced 6 films that addressed various social needs and problems, such as environment, youth unemployment, education of marginalized citizens and other topics. FORUM 16 organized this event in partnership with the organizations SFERA and CEDI (POLITEA). The activity was supported by the Center for Culture Bitola and the University “St. Kliment Ohridski “Bitola. Sponsors were BiMilk, Aleksandar Bakery and Pizzeria Metro.

The Campaign “Loud sokache – Awake chikmache” aimed to encourager intergenerational dialogue and to break the rumours and prejudices about young people often characterized as lazy and disinterested about the community. The campaign indirectly promoted volunteering and care for urban space. In September 2018, training for anti-rumour activists was conducted. In October, activists, together with the local residents, renovated one urban place in Bitola. In this action support was given by public enterprises Komunalec  and Vodovod, Stovariste “Grujo”, primary schools “Todor Angelevski” and “Dame Gruev”, as well as Hybrid Minds Crew. The campaign was mentored by the OSCE – Mission in Skopje.