FORUM 16 with Recognition – Organizer of Volunteer Work for 2019

During the Volunteerism Week (2-6 December, 2019) FORUM 16 took part at the following activities:

– On December 4th we participated in the Community Fair Bitola 2019. During this Fair there were 12 CSOs and about 500 visitors who could be informed about our work in the past, but mainly about the activities in the following period. The fair was organized for the fifth time by the American Corner Bitola. We are thankful to all schools and faculties, students, and other citizens for their interest in our work.

– On December 5th, on the International Day of Volunteering, by the Local Volunteering Council of the Municipality of Bitola, FORUM 16 was awarded with VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION – Organizer of Volunteer Work for 2019, for organizing for s second time the anti-rumors campaign “Loud sokache – Awake chikmache”.  This recognition is a proof of the direction we have chosen, as well as motivation to continue our hard work in the future.

Volunteerism Week was organized for the first time in Bitola by the SFERA and YMCA as part of the Local Volunteering Council program, with the financial support of the Municipality of Bitola.