FORUM 16 trained for implementation of “We Are Visual”

Representatives of FORUM 16 participated at the training “We are Visual” organized by MakeDox aiming to promote human rights education by using documentary film. The Association for Civil Activism FORUM 16 – Bitola will start with implementation of the program during the project “Who If Not You(th) Academy” in January 2017. FORUM 16 will use the WeAreVisual Toolkit through the (ST)ART program and in collaboration with another organizations and institutions from the Bitola area.

The WeAreVisual Human Rights Audiovisual Toolkit is consisted of 12 creative documentary films and a teaching manual for the formal and non-formal educators of youths aged 12-18.

“The carefully made selection of twelve creative documentary films brings creative fragments of the reality these films testify about. They do not only make the viewer relate to the screened reality both cognitively and emotionally but also urges him/her to leave the position of a passive consumer. The creative documentary film simply provokes reflection and discussion, asks for comments and opposing views while its authenticity tempts the viewer to imagine and further clarify the reality before arranging it in the drawers of one’s own knowledge. We believe that this process goes hand in hand with critical consumption and moderated evaluation. In the approach to the documentary film these are essential so that its content, which is often multilayered and non-standardly presented, could be stratified, explained and remembered. Therefore, we are suggesting interactive activities that would further catalyze this experiential process.” (Source Makedox)