FORUM 16 member of the Network for Media Literacy

As of June 2018, FORUM 16 – Bitola is a member of the Network for Media Literacy of the Republic of Macedonia.

The network was established by the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services (AAVMS) in April 2017 in order to facilitate communication and consultation among various groups in the country working on raising the level of media literacy of all citizens. It aims to contribute to more frequent cooperation among relevant stakeholders and to promote better and more sustainable project outcomes.

Although it is a relatively “new” social category, theory and practice are full of numerous definitions of media literacy. Perhaps the most well-known definition of media literacy is the one that emerged from the Media Literacy Conference organized by the Aspen Institute in Washington in 1992, where, according to theorists, the concept of media literacy as a new branch of the social sciences was “born”. By that definition, media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and communicate information in all its forms (Aufderheide, 1993: 6). Moreover, a media literate person is one who can decode, analyze, evaluate and produce print and electronic media.