FORUM 16 associate member of SEGA

As of October 2016, Association for Civil Activism FORUM 16 – Bitola has become an Associate Member of the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA. This decision was made by the SEGA Board at its meeting of October 3.

A main goal of FORUM 16 is to encourage and support youth activism in the field of culture, economic development, local issues, sports and education. We hope that our membership in SEGA will allow us to increase our network of contacts and partnerships with other organizations working for and with young people. We also expect that membership in SEGA will be increasing our participation in local, national and international activities and events in youth services. We also believe that membership will help to promote our own activities before a wider range of partners and stakeholders, as well as to potential donors.

Coalition of youth organizations SEGA was unofficially established on January 20, 2004 in order to contribute to the development and implementation of the National Youth Strategy of the Republic of Macedonia and to assist in meeting the needs of youth. On September 27, 2004 SEGA decided to formally register the Coalition as a civic association.