Don’t be divided, Stay UNITED

For March 21, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, FORUM 16 volunteers made a video “Don’t be divided, Stay UNITED” in order send a message to bring an end to racism, discrimination and intolerance.

March 21 is the International Day for the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination, established by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1966 following the brutal murder of 69 protestors in the South African township of Sharpeville in 1960. The massacre occurred during a protest against the apartheid laws of the South African government, a regime systematically enforcing racial inequality and segregation. Today racist murders and violence are still frequent and racial discrimination continues to be found at every level of our societies. The day aims to remind people of racial discrimination’s negative consequences. It also encourages people to remember their obligation and determination to combat racial discrimination.

Since the early 1990s, UNITED network coordinates every year around 21 March the European Action Week Against Racism.