Call for Partners and Supporters of KinoBit

Draft Plan for Bitola’s First Kino Cell and Kino Kabaret


For the past year, FORUM 16 has worked to develop a concept for Bitola’s first Kino Kabaret, an event patterned after Kino Kabarets held around the world by groups of amateur and professional filmmakers who come together to make “short movies in a short period of time”. We hope this will be the first of many such events, and want to organize a local Kino cell – KinoBit – as the base for future activities. In May and June 2017, FORUM 16 ran a crowdfunding campaign on to raise funds to supply basic equipment for a Kino Cell. Between the funds raised from that campaign and other donations, FORUM 16 is able to support one team of amateur filmmakers in the creation and screening of their works, using the Kino Kabaret approach.  We are now looking for partners to help us organize the first event of this kind in Bitola, to take place in the fall of 2018. We want to focus the event on empowering participants to address human rights and other issues of interest to young people through the art of filmmaking.

The Plan

We envision an event that will take place over two weekends. The first weekend will bring together participants to receive an orientation and training program with content on human rights, active citizenship, and the technical aspects of making short films. The second weekend will be focused on the creation of short films by teams of participants, and end with a public screening of their work. FORUM 16 plans to make the resulting works available online and through other channels, and to include the participants and other partners in the ongoing operation of the KinoBit cell.

We Need You

FORUM 16 is looking for partners to be involved in every aspect of planning for KinoBit, including venues, logistical support, technical training and support and sponsorships to cover incidental costs. Individuals and organizations interested in photography, filmmaking, communications, education, youth development, human rights and active citizenship are needed to make the Kino Kabaret a success, and to help identify participants and promote their work. Attached is a list of people and things that are needed to get the project started. Please share this with anyone who might have an interest in becoming involved or in supporting this effort.  For more information contact:

Natasha Chavdarovska

We need help with:


  1. Technical Volunteers – People with the skills and interest to help teams of less-experienced people learn about and complete the process of making short movies in a short period of time. Volunteers with editing skills and equipment are particularly needed, as are volunteers who can assist participants in organizing teams, planning scenes and completing shooting schedules.
  1. Logistical Volunteers – People to support the basic operations of Kino Kabaret, including recruiting participants and sponsors, providing security of venues and equipment, running errands, informing the public about the screening event, filling in as actors in participant productions, etc. 
  1. Trainers – Experienced trainers who can present workshops on subjects such as film genres, cinematograph, editing and media advocacy


  1. Work VenuesWe need to identify workspace where approximately 20 people working in teams can plan and edit short movies over a period of two and a half days. 
  1. Screening Venues – we need backup venues for screening of the completed movies on the final day of Kino Kabaret.
  1. We need places for out-of-town volunteers to stay for two weekends in the fall.


  1. Equipment – we need people with basic recording and editing equipment – video equipment, laptops with editing software, microphones, tripods, booms, gimbals, drones, sound stages, etc. to share the use of equipment that can help participants make better movies. 
  1. Food – Snacks, water, soda, coffee, sandwiches, etc. for participants and volunteers. 
  1. Publicity materials – posters, badges, and stickers, for example. We have some designs ready, but would also make use of an original poster design if we had a contributor (or sponsor) to make posters.

 Financial Support / Sponsorship 

  1. People – We’d love to be able to pay honoraria for trainers and volunteers, and are hoping to find a sponsoring manufacturer or retailer of camera and electronics equipment who will donate for that purpose.
  1. Places – A sponsor is needed to either donate space of to help offset the cost of a group workspace.
  1. Things – We need sponsor support for purchase of any incidental items.