Call for Participants for Kino Kabaret Bitola 2018

Association for Civil Activism FORUM 16 announces the call for participants in Bitola’s first Kino Kabaret, to launch the creation of KinoBit – apermanent Kino cell in Bitola. This cell will develop an ongoing program of events, to include movie screenings and technical programs designed to help promote the making of amateur films and videos. Each year we plan to produce a Kino Kaberet, in which participants will come together to make “short movies in a short period of time”. KinoBit is part of the worldwide Kino movement* that began in Montreal in 1999. The KinoBit cell will have a special mission to use the art of filmmaking as a means of promoting human rights among all the people of Macedonia.

Our first Kino Kabaret will be implemented in Bitola over a period of two weekends. The first weekend program (5-6-7 October) will focus on introduction and formation of participant teams and expert-led workshops on the technical aspects of filmmaking and the promotion of human rights through the visual arts. On the second weekend (12-13-14 October) participants will assemble for a three-day event in which they will work together to prepare, produce and screen short videos. The resulting productions will be shared on the KinoBit program website and shared through other portals.

Participants in Kino Kaberet are expected to participate in at least one production as producer, director, actor, cinematographer or editor. Participants will also help to fill in needs in each other’s productions and might be, for example, an actor in one production and director or editor in others. The Kino Kaberetis expected to be self-supporting, with minimal contributions from the sponsors toward the use of space, equipment, snacks and supplies. Participants should bring whatever video recording equipment (including smartphones) and editing capabilities they will use or share during the program. Those from outside Bitola will need to arrange for their own lodging needs.

Persons interested in the possibility of participating in Bitola’s first Kino Kaberet are encouraged to complete a Participant application by September 24, 2018.

As part of its KinoBit program, FORUM 16 is working in collaboration with SFERA, CEID, Center for Culture-Bitola and University “St. Kliment Ohridski”  – Bitola to create Macedonia’s first permanent Kino cell. Persons interested in volunteering to provide technical or logistical support, able to help with sponsorships or to help in other ways, are encouraged to contact us at 078 535 606. Participants and supporters who contribute to the costs of the program will receiveproducer credits in all productions of the Kino Kaberet.

* Additional information on the worldwide Kino movement and the operation of Kino Kaberets can be found at the following links: