Call for Managing Board member of FORUM 16

Dear All,

The Association for Civic Activism FORUM 16 – Bitola announces a public call for a member of the Managing Board (MB). According to the FORUM 16 Statute, the MB is composed of no more than 7 members, with a mandate of 4 years and with the right for re-election. Members of the MB do not receive financial compensation for their work within the MB.

The newly elected member will serve at the MB for one year (2019/2020), with the right to stand for re-election at the next FORUM 16 Annual Assembly.

Some of the duties of the Managing Board are to:

  • Prepare for and convene the Assembly;
  • Draft the Statute, draft acts and other decisions that should be made by the Assembly;
  • Provide strategic direction for development of the Association;
  • Implement the policy, conclusions and decisions of the Assembly;
  • Prepare an annual report of its activities;
  • Suggest an Annual Program for approval by the Assembly;
  • Monitor and review the implementation of the approved Annual Program and budget;
  • Review and approve proposals for new projects to be implemented by the Association;
  • Approve regulations on insider dealing, agreements with other organizations, and memoranda of understanding.
  • Perform other duties in accordance with the law.

Interested candidates should:

– be at least 18 years of age;

– to be a regular member of FORUM 16;

– have at least two years experience in a civil society organization;

– have experience with project;

– have experience in creating strategic, annual and action plans;

– have the ability to work in a team;

– be flexible and communicative;

– have the interest, desire and motivation to contribute to the work of the organization and the community.

Letter of motivation (specifying how would contribute to the work of FORUM 16) and resume, to be sent by December 16, 2019 to with the Subject: Application for Managing Board Member.