Building Capacity to Manage Fundraising Events

Project Overview:

The overall aim of this project is to help build financial stability of a new FORUM 16 program (KinoBit) which will promote human rights through filmmaking.

Specific objectivesof this project are to:

  • Connect FORUM 16 with new individual and business supporters through the creation of an interesting and attractive annual fundraising event;
  • Raise funds to support implementation of the KinoBit program and its 2019 Kino Kabaret;
  • Build partnerships to support the future development & growth of an annual fundraising eventto support the KinoBit program.

The project will be implemented over a six-month: 01 November 2018 – 01 May 2019.

Activities: This project will fund the planning and implementation of a fundraising event to be held in March 2019. That event will help to support the implementation of Bitola’s First Annual Kino Kaberet, to be held in April of that year. Project funds will be used to cover staffing, promotion, venue, speaker, catering, and supply costs of the fundraising event. All funds raised from the event will be used to support the operational costs of the April 2019 Bitola Kino Kaberet, including venue, trainer, food and supply costs for participants.

Implementation: Association for Civil Activism FORUM 16 – Bitola

The project is sub-grant from the European Union funded project “Changes for Sustainability” implemented by Konekt, Apollonia Foundation and Center for Tax Policy.