Anti-Rumour Campaign: Glasno Sokache – Budno Chikmache, 2020

Project Overview:

The anti-rumour campaign “Glasno Sokache –Budno Chikmache” is a series of workshops and community activities that help disestablish rumours and stereotypes that affect the youth, Roma people, LGBTQI and other minorities that live in North Macedonia.

This project aims to create a group of Anti-Rumour Agents who will identify rumours about the target population in the civil society organizations (CSOs) they participate in and they will implement some form of change within their CSOs.

The main objectives are:

– To train 15 anti-rumour agents to identify rumours in the community and to address them with the strategies they will learn during the training workshops

– To facilitated the process of identification of rumours in the CSOs scope of work and development of anti-rumour strategies by the anti-rumour agents after the training workshops and by the end of the 6 month grant period

– To improve FORUM 16 capacities to implement anti-rumour campaigns in the community by the end of the 6 month grant period by creating and releasing an Anti-Rumour Manual for public use and by creating more engaging training workshops

Target groups are young people, youth workers and youth leaders in other local civil society organizations (CSOs).


-The training for the agents

-Development of the manual for the anti-rumour campaigns

-FORUM 16 community project

-Mentoring of the anti-rumour agents with identification of rumours regarding their target group(s)

Implementation: The project will be implemented over a six-month period (June-November 2020) by the Association for Civil Activism FORUM 16 – Bitola.

The project is funded by the European Youth Foundation (EYF), fund established by the Council of Europe (CoE).