Don’t be divided, Stay UNITED

For March 21, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, FORUM 16 volunteers made a video “Don’t be divided, Stay UNITED” in order send a message to bring an end to racism, discrimination and intolerance. March 21 is the International Day for the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination, established by the General[…]

We Are Visual by FORUM 16 at the American Corner Bitola

As part of its (ST)ART Program, which promotes human rights through arts, FORUM 16 has begun to use the “WeAreVisual Human Rights Audiovisual Toolkit” prepared by MakeDox. This toolkit is a teaching manual for the formal and non-formal educators of youths aged 12-18, and its aim is to promote human rights education by using documentary[…]

FORUM 16 will soon start a crowdfunding campaign

On 11 March 2017 FORUM 16 representatives participated in the first crowdfunding conference in Macedonia organized by the Association Leaders for Education, Activism and Development (LEAD) Skopje.The purpose of this conference was to familiarize the citizens of Macedonia with the concept of crowdfunding as an alternative way of financing projects and ideas, and to offer[…]

FORUM 16 held a workshop for the CLIPS Program

On February 11, FORUM 16 organized a workshop for the Civic Leadership in Prilep Scholars Program (CLIPS). The workshop was titled “Making waves: How to raise the visibility and improve the dissemination of project results.” Participants had the opportunity through simulation of a press conference to learn how to communicate with the public and media,[…]