Who if not You(th)


The initiative Who If Not You(th) was formed during 2015 though mentoring of 4 high school students (Maria Kostovska, Mario Kjurchievski, Vladimir Ristevski and Bojana Popovska) in project development by FORUM 16. The aim of the initiative was to raise the awareness of young people about opportunities in their local community and the contribution they can make by organizing events on different topics. The project was planned after a survey the team conducted in several high schools in Bitola reaching 231 students. Among survey responses the following problems young people in Bitola are facing were identified: unemployment, limited access to information concerning young people or decisions made about youth, limited participation in the society, not engaging with civil society organizations as a means of accessing information and opportunities. Eight workshops were organized in the original initiative, and presented over a period of weeks by experts invited by the team to share experiences on these topics. Topics were as follows:

  • Business skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Human rights
  • Youth activism
  • Project mmanagement
  • Art

We are currently working with this youth team on an intensive, regional evolution of this project.