Fusion Lab


Fusion Lab is our strategy for promoting collaboration between private businesses and grassroots organizations through joint projects, joint training, and creation of a new kind of shared workplace where new ideas and new organizations can grow and develop.

Community Engagement
We believe our community works best when it works together in a sharing community of learning and service. Our next step to promote this process is being planned as a week-long series of events featuring a wide range of opportunities to learn, teach and network with the people working to create a more vibrant social economy for Bitola and all of Macedonia.

Community Workspace
FORUM 16 is actively seeking new relationships with people and organizations that want to make a difference. We’re looking for partners, sponsors and colleagues who want to change the way Bitola works by creating a new kind of shared workspace for creators, entrepreneurs, artists and activists. We’re busily exploring models and examining new approaches, and want to hear everyone’s ideas.

Join Us
If the Fusion Lab concept sounds interesting to you, please contact us and start exploring how you can get involved. We hope to mobilize the support, creativity, resources and energy to make Bitola the new model for creative collaboration in Macedonia.