Building Capacity to Manage Fundraising Events

Project Overview: The overall aim of this project is to help build financial stability of a new FORUM 16 program (KinoBit) which will promote human rights through filmmaking. Specific objectivesof this project are to: Connect FORUM 16 with new individual and business supporters through the creation of an interesting and attractive annual fundraising event; Raise[…]

Loud sokache – Awake chikmache

In August 2018, FORUM 16 started a new initiative: “Glasno sokache- Budno chikmache”* as part of its ongoing efforts to break down and reduce harmful stereotypes, prejudices, and hate speech. Through pilot activities undertaken in Bitola during 2017, FORUM 16 identified common themes that promote negative stereotypes referring to women, youth, the elderly, Roma and[…]

New Generation of Youth Leaders to Address Hate Speech

Project Overview: The aim of the project “New Generation of Youth Leaders to Address Hate Speech” is to promote development of model plans for addressing hate speech issues in Bitola high schools. The main objectives are: To train student leaders and school officials in hate speech prevention and management To promote development of school methods[…]

KinoBit: Tool For Empowering Young Activists

FORUM 16 is always working to equip young Macedonians with the tools to express their vision for a better society. Toward this end, we organized Macedonia’s first Kino Kabaret event in Bitola, the birthplace of the Balkan film industry. With this event we launched a new and ongoing program to train young activists in civics,[…]

Who If Not You(th) Academy

From December to June 2017 the Association for Civil Activism FORUM 16 – Bitola will implement the project “Who If Not You(th) Academy”. The objectives of the project are: To provide young people from different communities and academic programs with a structured opportunity to acquire practical knowledge and skills in the areas of active citizenship and[…]

“Raise your voice for change, hands down on violence”

Project Overview “Raise your voice for change, hands down on violence” („Крени глас за промена, спушти рака за насилство“) is a youth initiative that was carried by a group of high school students and members of the Association of citizens “Youth Can – Младите можат” from Skopje and of the Association for civil activism FORUM[…]

“Campaign for raising awareness of reading”

Project Overview: Implementer: Association for Research, Development and Communications PUBLIC Skopje Partners: Association for civil activism FORUM 16 – Bitola and Association for cultural activism INKA Struga Goal: The main goal of the campaign is: Encouraging the habits for reading among students in primary schools. Short-term goals: – Stimulating the imagination and writing skills among students; –[…]

“Why go abroad when you can stay and develop your country”

Project Overview Implementer: Association of citizens (AC) CEFE Macedonia Skopje Partners: Association for civil activism FORUM 16 – Bitola and Association of citizens Center for Sustainability and Advanced Education Bitola. Goal: to prevent brain drain, to contribute to the reduction of unemployment and to further develop the entrepreneurship, thus enhancing the economic and business development in R.[…]